The show by Ange Etoiles & RARA AVIS

The show Kuraje 2017 with the presentation of the collections 2018 by brands Ange Etoiles, RARA AVIS, Blammo-Biamo took place in the heavenly forest in June 29, 2017.

The show Kuraje 2017 with the presentation of the collections 2018 by brands Ange Etoiles, RARA AVIS, Blammo-Biamo took place in the heavenly forest in June 29, 2017. The beautiful lawn in this forest was turned into a truly magical place. Someone has told it was impossible. Moreover, if it is possible, it is impractical. Anyway, that's just insane to do a show in the forest, where there is no light, no smooth surface, and there are no conditions for the fashion show. It is only fresh air, the sounds of nature, forest and related beauty around you! However, you have come to the show Kuraje 2017! And, we are happy!

Let us be honest: during the training, we had to face many obstacles, beginning with the human factor and ending with the surprises of the Belarusian nature. Especially for a couple of hours until x- moment, passions were just at the peak. However, there was no the thought that all this we started for nothing. We understand to stay ahead, you need to create, to show, to come up with something that nobody does in our country! We shouldn’t stand still but going forward, making mistakes and winning! We were ready for it will be said different. Someone loves us and respects for what we do, someone just envies, someone is annoyed, someone thinks that we should do things differently, and someone doesn't like us. Nevertheless, this year, the competitors did not hesitate to come to the event. Not everything we have done is in vain!

We prayed for nature to give us sunny weather. And, it did! It was the warmest day for the first month of summer. A week before the event, everybody asked: "Have you heard the weather forecast?” Our personal weather service showed – everything will be fine. In this day, the element was raging in all the cities. We were called from different places of Belarus and warned it will be heavy thunderstorm in Minsk in the afternoon. However, in our paradise in the wood the weather was 100% perfect. So was the mood. We can say without false modesty – it was MAGICAL!

Because we were a TEAM! The team, which can cope with everything. The team, which believes and loves what it does and thinks the same way as you globally, thinking about the future. A HUGE THANK to all those who helped us and who believed in us!

Creative Association Art-appetite – Marina, Alla, Marina! There is no impossible for you! Thanks to your professionalism and creative charge all impossible is always possible! Thank you for sharing in our dissent and always believe in what you're doing!

The words of gratitude we want to express to our hair-stylist Natalia Yeremina, the head of the PINS out of the Studio and make-up stylist Anya Shallick and their teams! You have invested in this project not only 100% professionalism, but also the soul. Thank you very much!

Show Kuraje2017

Organizers: Wedding house Kuraje and creative Association Art-appetite.

The conception and the realization:

Producer: Marina Klimovich

Hair stylist of the show Natasha Yeryomina and Studio PINS, and Natalia Gruntova, Karina Semenova, Maria Kraskovskaya, Anastasia Buren, Nadezhda Vyhovskaya, Anna Raubo, Olga Anushkevich, Alesya Kim, Svetlana Shpankova.

Make-up stylist of the show Anna Shalik and Sasha Zhuromskaya, Lida Kotoshchuk, Dasha Brum, Nadya Bychenok, Oly Pirozhnikova.

The décor of the podium –Evgeniya Dragun, Svetlana Sokolovskaya.

The stylist of the display – Katya German

The photographers of the display – Olga Vecherko, Sasha Zahar, marina Avrora, Yekaterina Remizevich, Tanya Shumskaya, Vladimir Borodionok, Snezhanna Magrin.

Videographers – Segey Burdeev, Dasha Malopheeva, Dmitriy Sysov.

Cake - Plaisir Cafe Minsk.

Catering service - Riviera Country Club.

Screens – Mixrental.

Technical support -

Choreographic support – Dmitriy Zalesskiy

Chairs - Purpur Rentals

Sofas - @4rentminsk

Tables - @wood_lease

Minsk Grape Wines factory

Drinking water “Naroch”

Special effects - @arteffect.salut @showshotgroup

Footwear -

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